Our full-stack solution

 Based in Cyprus, Thrive HR Solutions is a boutique specialized recruitment agency servicing local and international companies.

Talent Placements

We seek professionals who fit your corporate and skillset requirements. Based on these, we filter candidates and conduct initial interviews to qualify them before passing you the list of eligible professionals.

Payroll Services

Our team is here to ensure a smooth, timely, and accurate payroll process. We offer full payroll services including registration with the local authorities, salary arrangements, tax consultancy, reporting and other administration.

On-demand HR Services

We offer full-stack HR solutions on as-needed basis to ensure your operations run smoothly and according to your standards. Simply send your request and our team will be happy to assist you.

Training and Development

THRIVE HR Solutions offers tailored-made training and development for your team of professionals through development policies and education assistance, which is fully customized for your company profile, needs and requirements.